12 steps on how to pose male models for photoshoot's

Photography and Posing Male Models

Be Direct! - Ensure you tell him what you want him to wear, where the photographs will be taken and for what purpose. Men like to know what is expected of them.

Get To Know Your Models (Applies to Both Female & Male Models) Ask him about his job, family life, hobbies, sport and anything that may help relax your models, Remember Creating a great Photo is TEAMWORK.

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Test Shot Lies - More often than not, I get some of my best shots When I tell people that the first few frames are just test shots. This enables them to relax a little and ease the pressure. 

Posture - Good posture is essential for any male portrait. Remember shoulders back, chest up and stomach tight – classic male poses always incorporate these elements.

Breadth & Depth - Try shooting straight on to enhance broad shoulders in Men, this is not a particularly useful shot with women models unless that is the desired Vibe of the photo.

Nervous? If Your Model is Nervous get them to look away from or past the camera. I usually Tell My Models To look at My Right Or Left Shoulder But Remember The hardest thing is to look directly into the camera because the eyes will reveal so much about how the subject is feeling.

Jaw Line Prominence - Get men to bite their teeth together slightly to help define a strong jaw line. However, do not let them bite too hard as this can easily be overdone Leaving you with an angry looking photo.

Limb Awareness - If the subject is struggling to know what to do with their hands, get them to put them into their pockets, behind them or hang them loosely by their side - Props are a great way to build confidence with limb Awareness.

Use Props -  jackets or hats in poses to help Break that Barrier.
**Avoid putting hands on their hips as this can be a very feminine pose.

Change Angles – shoot high and low, and landscape and portrait formats to get variations of the same male poses.

Look at Your Surroundings - You can Find Inspiration Whilst out in the field, Have your model think in the same manner - Work Together as a team.

Have fun together - do not put any pressure on a shoot. Men can sometimes be more self critical than women so get a variety of different shots. 

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