London Calling..

So earlier this week i was invited to a photography walk in London by a local photographer that i have befriended called Micheal Bhatia.

Being back in London was AWESOME, the whole vibe hits you as soon as you arrive on the platform at euston and especially so when passing through the underground tube system.

Me and micheal spent the best part of 3-4 hours chatting taking some snaps of the city, Michael began to tell me about the photography walk we had come to London for.

At this point i knew Little to Nothing about who was heading the walk and what it was about.


Well at 6pm i was introduced to Nasim Mansurov of

 Nasim Mansurov (left)

Nasim Mansurov (left)

It wasn't until mid week that i found out after meeting Nasim, Who Nasim was and What Nasim meant to the photography community. 

I can honestly say in my naivety, Nasim is one of those people that is completely honest, humble and down to earth. He not only spent 4 hours dedicated to the group out of his time for FREE giving tips, advice and sharing knowledge to all ranges of skilled photographers but also at the end of the night gave critique and insight to peoples portfolios to which i am greatful i was apart of that evening.

Thanks Nasim for the Positive words and critique in my photography portfolio but also giving me guidance in where i should place my time and energy to grow as a photographer.

Thanks Everyone!

Joshua McLean