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Tammy King - Musician

Pleased to hear that not only a friend is doing well but managed to get a photo published in a newspaper what a great day!

Here is some of the article

Tammy King, aged 22, was asked by her university lecturer to take part in the Roland (a Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments) Academy Tour 2013/14, playing to BTEC/A Level 16 to 18 year olds.

Tammy added: "The tour's aim is to talk and promote how we as musicians would use Roland and Boss products, in our careers as well as doing a solo performance and a couple of band performances.

"We are temporarily endorsed by Roland right now and if we do a good job, we may be able to keep the gear and even become official endorsers!"

Aside from the tour which visits Edinburgh, Surrey and Leicester, Tammy is writing new songs with The Tammy King Band, making appearance's on other artists recorded tracks and appearing for the occasional function band.

Formerly a performer for Tamworth-band Everybody Looks Famous, Tammy has enjoyed a big year which has included performing at the LG Arena's Forum Stage ahead of a Pink gig to thousands of music fans.

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